Q1 How often do I need my vehicle tail lift servicing?
A1. By law a Full Service and Statutory Thorough Examination should be carried out every 6 months and a Weight Test every 12 months.
Q2. How quickly can you attend my breakdown?
A2. We endeavour to attend all breakdowns within 90 minutes of receiving the call.
Q3. What is a L.O.L.E.R examination?
A3. It is a detailed examination of the tail lift which will ensure that it is safe for use.
Q4. What happens if I don't carry out L.O.L.E.R examinations?
A4. A L.O.L.E.R examination is a legal requirement and you could be fined if you can not supply an up to date genuine certificate to prove you have complied to the governments health & safety regulations.
Q5. How can I set up an account?
A5. You can either telephone the office on 0870 609 4632 and we will be happy to send you out a Credit Account Application Form.  Or alternatively you can download a copy of the Form from the link at the top of our Home Page.  Once you have completed the form and ensured that it is authorised by a Company Director, you can either post it back to us or fax us on 0151 531 1621.